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RABBLE ROUSER has always intended on being entirely digital. Not that I had some sort of crystal ball when it began all those months ago, but I’m glad I stuck with it, and that Rabble Rouser is accessible within a few clicks.


May it do its job, and bring sense to chaos in these uncertain times. Read through, agree, disagree, laugh - just feel something. Rabble Rouser is meant to be a conversation starter, as it is something rabble rousers do best - for better or for worse. Send me emails of your reactions, thoughts, ideas. This is just the beginning of this strangely wonderful pixilated thing. 


Rabble Rouser was meant to be finished in London, but instead, it has been finished in the place that all started, in my home in Massachusetts - the cradle of the Revolution. Made on the desk where I've sat an read the books that made me want to become a journalist; the desk where, three years ago, I had my interview for the BA Fashion Journalism course at Central Saint Martins that made this all possible. It’s quite the ending, and I’ll take it, because that’s what Rabble Rouser is about, rolling with the punches - always.

As I was approaching the launch of Rabble Rouser, the revolution began, again, in America after the murder of George Floyd. It has been Rabble Rouser’s objective from the start to bring understanding to chaos, to never sell out, and to always be true, even when it hurts. I hope that some sense can come from Rabble Rouser, and that it inspires someone to report on the history that is being created day by day; and the structures that are being rightfully torn down. Be safe, go out, uncover what they don’t want you to see or know, and do it all with a bit of humor to keep you sane.




Rabble Rouser is dedicated to: 

Mom and dad - without your unwavering support living and fulfilling this strange dream wouldn't have been possible at all. Conor - for making London a home. Judith Watt -  for teaching me what it means to be a good writer and for teaching me about everything else in-between. I am eternally grateful for everything you have done for me over these past three years - I'll carry it forever. James Anderson, Phillip Clarke, Fred Burlage, and everyone who has taught me over the past three years - a million thank yous. Everyone who contributed in one way or another - (whether we talked or whether you ignored my emails). Thank you, I am eternally grateful for each and every one of you and without you Rabble Rouser would not be what it is today as you are reading this.  

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